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2nd Floor, Office Space No 1212A, Door No 2/1149 A26, Hilite Buisness Park, Palazhi, Olavanna, Kozhikode, Kerala, 673014.

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Storilabs System Technologies LLP

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Subair Porora

Storilabs System Technologies LLP

Storilabs is a well - established technology solution provider and an Ecommerce domain consultant with a vision to become a one-stop shop for all Ecommerce solution requirements of growing and medium sized businesses. The company develops proprietary solutions (e.g. Order processing software), houses expertise to implement solutions using established third party platforms (e.g. Shopify, Shopwired) and offers digital transformation consultancy services to its clients across the globe. With its portfolio of cutting-edge products, deep expertise on leading proprietary platforms and consulting services for complete customer enablement, it provides tailored solutions to businesses with assured visibility and control over the operations. These solutions seamlessly integrate with customers’ processes, legacy applications and enable operational agility for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and logistic companies. Storilabs is expertised in building Marketplace solutions, Shopify stores, Shopwired store themes and Order fulfilment softwares. Storilabs is a Shopify developer agency and a Shopify partner you can rely on for setting up your unique shopify store. Storilabs own Order management software is capable of catering all your order fulfilment management software requirements. Apart from these, the company has also developed bespoke applications for specific market needs. Storilabs has wide experience with setting up Cloud infrastructure and implementing Big Data Analytics solutions.

Domain Expertise

  • Marketplace
  • Design
  • GPS Aggregation
  • Order Management
  • Multiple Catalog Support
  • ERP Integration
  • Dashboard
  • Solr Search

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